(from Cairo) on Monday

Der Kommentar zum Artikel (engl.) lohnt extra Hervorhebung: ich fürchte, die Uhr zur Zeitangabe war verstellt, "AM" statt "PM" wäre realistischer.

Sent: (from Cairo) on Monday, December 28, 2009 6:21 PM
Hi everyone, GMS Bulletin # 3. It is proving harder than I thought to fit in writing these bulletins in a timely fashion.
Yesterday was a great day. We went down to a major bridge across the Nile and tied cards of rememberance and flowers to the bridge railings. These were removed almost immediately by the police who follow us everywhere. It is evident that there are spies at our meetings. The police challenged us to move on, but in a very restrained manner. It is obvious that at this stage they are treating internationals with kid gloves, unlike their own nationals.
It is theoretically forbidden to gather in groups of more than 6. However we have found that in greater numbers we can prevail.
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